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  • Biasol plays off Wes Anderson's whimsical style with The Budapest Cafe in Melbourne
    Melbourne-based interior design studio Biasol used earthy hues and stylised architectural motifs to create a destination inspired by Wes Anderson's symmetry and nostalgic colour palette. Read more
  • Casa Ocal is a eucalyptus-wood house in the Ecuadorian mountains
    Jorge Ramón Giacometti Taller de Arquitectura designed Casa Ocal to suit its hard-to-reach location in the mountains in the north of Ecuador. Read more
  • House in Alentejo by BICA Arquitectos
    The terrain extends in a slope. The house emerges in the background and draws the boundaries of the site, at its lowest point. An extensive meadow connects the two heights of the site. Two contiguous volumes are created and are separated by a small courtyard with a tree in the centre. At the edge, the [...] The post House in Alentejo by BICA Arquitectos first appeared on
  • Houzz Tour: Home Returns to Its Modern Roots (23 photos)
    This home in North Vancouver, British Columbia, had crisp, clean lines and modern style. But a previous renovation that brought in traditional millwork-like chair rails and two-tone sponge painting had muddied up its style and darkened the interior. The homeowners hired designer Lori Steeves to make...
  • 5 Questions to Overcome a Decluttering Roadblock (6 photos)
    Let’s face it: For many of us, decluttering is really hard. First you have to find the time. Then you must make difficult decisions about what to keep and what to let go. Next you must figure out what to do with everything, whether that involves storing, selling or donating. And finally, you must follow...
  • Get a Head Start on Planning Your Garden Even if It’s Snowing (11 photos)
    Winter gardening advice always includes going through gardening catalogs and deciding what plants you want to grow in the coming year. That’s a great start, but why not take it a step further? Winter is a good time to review what worked and what didn’t in your garden during the previous year, whether...
  • Johan Sundberg Arkitektur completes brick house in a Swedish forest
    Dark bricks cover this house on the southern tip of Sweden, which Lund-based studio Johan Sundberg Arkitektur arranged around a lush courtyard and swimming pool. Read more
  • Plantea Estudio casts minimalist Madrid restaurant in shades of beige
    Spanish firm Plantea Estudio has layered "light and warm" materials such as plywood and chipboard to create the interior of this Madrid street food restaurant. Read more