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  • 5 Bedroom Design Features Pros Always Recommend (one photo)
    Creating a relaxing bedroom takes a lot more than just placing a bed in a room. We asked 40 design and remodeling professionals on Houzz to tell us the features they recommend to homeowners looking to create a stylish and rejuvenating bedroom. Here are five bedroom features they say everyone should...
  • AIM Architecture transforms oil silos in China into community park
    Chinese studio AIM Architecture has transformed a series of former oil silos in Changzhou into Cotton Park, a mixed-use community space surrounded by a public garden and play areas. Read more
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    Imagine stepping into an outdoor space and seeing a swaying hammock, glowing garden lights and bold tropical foliage, and hearing the sound of water trickling from a fountain. Can you already feel yourself sinking into vacation-relaxation mode?With a handful of design moves, your backyard can...
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    In this lookbook, we've collected eight residential hallways that incorporate skylights, artwork, plants and more to bring interest to passing through an interior. Read more
  • Lina Stores South Kensington designed to "evoke the rhythm" of Italian espresso bars
    Interiors studio North End Design has applied the distinctive pistachio green synonymous with London's popular Italian delicatessen and restaurant chain Lina Stores to the company's newly opened branch in South Kensington. Read more
  • Translucent tube forms Mexico City boba tea shop by Worc Studio
    Mexican studio Worc Studio has inserted a minimalist boba tea shop into a colonial building in Mexico City, where drinks are passed into a translucent vertical "tunnel". Read more
  • Tulane University presents eight architecture thesis student projects
    Dezeen School Shows:  a project commenting on the impact of Covid-19 on the conservation of offices is included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Tulane University. Read more
  • Yard of the Week: Growing Plants, Community and Connections (10 photos)
    Homeowners Rose and Jerry Thomas see their renovated backyard as more than an inviting outdoor space with beautiful plantings and comfortable seating. It’s where they savor the sights and sounds of their property’s natural inhabitants every morning. They watch their young son, Axel, explore and...