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  • Wooden house by Hsü Rudolphy peeps from trees near Chilean lake
    The three levels of this house by Santiago firm Hsü Rudolphy step down a sloped site to Rapel Lake, creating multiple terraces and access to the water. Read more
  • The 10 Most Popular Bedrooms on Houzz Right Now (10 photos)
    This Trending Now story features the most-saved bathroom photos uploaded to Houzz since July 1, 2019.The 10 most popular bedrooms from the past three months differ in many ways, but they all have one thing in common: a soft, neutral color palette. Colors like dove gray, crisp...
  • Bec Brittain creates Gemini lights to be like a family of creatures
    New York designer Bec Brittain has created lights with candy-coloured stands, ivory glass shades and decorative strips of suede for her latest collection. Read more
  • Modern Function and Vintage Flair in a 19th-Century Home (20 photos)
    When interior designer Jennifer Messina of Dreamlife Design was brought in to help renovate a large Victorian home in Northern California for a family of six, the clients wanted just a few updates. As work got underway on the 19th-century house, however, the homeowners noticed more areas...
  • See How This Cookie-Cutter Kitchen Gets Infused With Personality (10 photos)
    While these homeowners loved the neighborhood of their recently purchased home just outside of Philadelphia, they were much less enthusiastic about its early-1990s cookie-cutter kitchen. “The cabinets were too small, the refrigerator was in the wrong location and the island cooktop was a little dangerous,”...
  • 10 Ideas for Easy Fall Entertaining (10 photos)
    With crisp weather, school back in session and farm stands brimming with produce, fall is a great time to nurture community with a cozy gathering in your home. But since fall also tends to be a busy season, it helps to have a few back-pocket tips you can rely on to make any gathering feel extra-special...
  • Moving to Mars review – a rendezvous with the red planet
    Design Museum, LondonThis fascinating show offers close encounters with an actual Mars rover, footage from the planet’s surface – and ambitious plans for inhabiting it, should the need arise…On the surface of Mars, temperatures average about -60C. The thin atmosphere, containing almost no oxygen, is unbreathable. Intense solar radiation, were you to survive the cold and asphyxiation, would be lethal. It would take seven months and billions of pounds to get there. Growing enough food on the red planet to live off would be, to put it mildly, difficult, so you’d have to bring it with you.All of which makes the idea, once expressed by Stephen Hawking and now Elon Musk, that humanity might look to Mars as a planet B if things get really bad here terrifying. It implies that conditions on Earth would actually have to be worse than that unappealing Martian atmospheric cocktail. In w...
  • Alexis Dournier builds trio of tropical villas in Bali's surf haven Uluwatu
    Architect Alexis Dournier puts a new spin on Balinese vernacular in his three Uluwatu Surf Villas, at a retreat billed as a paradise for surfers. Read more