• Marjan van Aubel turns solar cells into art with glow-in-the-dark tapestry
    Strips of colourful photovoltaic cells are arranged into a geometric pattern to form this artwork, conceived by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel to bring solar panels from our roofs into our homes. Read more
  • "RIBA upgrading Portland Place is an expensive solution to the wrong problem"
    Rather than spending £20 million to refurbish its headquarters, RIBA should make its spaces freely available for others to host engaging architectural programmes, says Phineas Harper. Read more
  • i29 enlivens 17th-century canal house in Amsterdam with pops of colour
    Bursts of blue and green appear inside this centuries-old canal house in Amsterdam that has been renovated by local architecture studio i29. Read more
  • Ten short courses on Dezeen Courses
    Interested in learning a new skill in 2022? Check out 10 short courses in architecture and design from Dezeen Courses in the USA, Portugal, Hong Kong and the UK as well as remote learning opportunities. Read more
  • Noordwijk Forest Villa by Kevin Veenhuizen Architects
    A wooden Bosvilla [forest villa]has been built between the Ash and Maple trees in Noordwijk. Due to the positioning in the middle of the plot, the beautiful afforested area is used to the maximum. All spaces in the Bosvilla are arranged in a clear, almost mathematical way because they coincide with the visible construction. A [...] The post Noordwijk Forest Villa by Kevin Veenhuizen Architects first appeared on
  • Villa Icaria House by Arquitectura al descubierto
    Villa Icaria, recalling the utopian proposal of Étienne Cabet, seeks to establish a new relationship between country and city, creating a meeting place, an opportunity to once again fill the rural environment with contemporary urban activities. Its volumes are intertwined with nature on the banks of the Tagus. Its solids and cavities describe this double [...] The post Villa Icaria House by Arquitectura al descubierto first appeared on
  • Before and After: 3 Bathrooms Lighten Up and Lose the Tub (9 photos)
    When it comes to removing a tub from a bathroom, some homeowners worry about losing resale value or the potential need for a bathtub down the road. While these are valid concerns, others feel that if they don’t use their tub, it’s really just taking up valuable space that could be better utilized with...
  • How to Decorate a Small Living Room (13 photos)
    Though all small spaces present design challenges, the living room can be especially tricky as it is where you probably spend the most time and entertain guests as well. How do you strike a balance between making the room feel as spacious as possible while also squeezing in extra seating? What furniture...
  • 11 Steps to an Organized Kitchen (11 photos)
    Give your kitchen a detox and declutter this month with some ideas that can be implemented annually, as well as habits that will help you out every day.

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