• Estremoz Extra marble
    Estremoz Extra Marble Tiles
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  • Ancerl Studio separates twin Toronto townhouses with a slender gap
    Canadian firm Ancerl Studio has designed a pair of houses in Toronto to make them look like a single building. Read more
  • For one tide only: modernist sandcastles – in pictures
    Artist Calvin Seibert grew up on a ski resort strongly influenced by brutalist architecture in 1960s Colorado. “The construction sites were never fenced in, so they were great places to play and always had piles of sand,” he says. Later, after studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Seibert began making modernist sandcastles.See more on Seibert’s Instagram page Continue reading...
  • RDR designs "compact village" for sheep farm in Patagonia
    Swiss architecture firm RDR chose corrugated metal to cover a sprawling agricultural complex in Patagonia where cows and sheep are reared. Read more
  • Patio of the Week: Family-Friendly Yard for Playing and Relaxing (6 photos)
    A couple with two young kids were undertaking a home addition when they decided to also overhaul their outdoor spaces. “The existing space was disconnected and was not functioning for the family needs and wants,” says Ron Swick, owner of Swick’s Organic Landscaping, who oversaw the outdoor renovation....
  • Little Sky ice cream shop in Melbourne aims to capture the "theatre of gelato"
    Customers can get a glimpse of gelato being made inside this ice cream shop in Melbourne, which local studio Ewert Leaf has completed in shades of blue and pink. Read more
  • How to Assist Others During the Coronavirus Crisis (5 photos)
    If you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. It helps during a stressful time like this to take good care of yourself. It’s spring, so going for a walk — at a safe distance from others, of course — and enjoying the warming weather can do wonders for the psyche....
  • John Pardey Architects raises house on stilts over River Thames flood plain
    Steel stilts elevate Narula House, a British dwelling on banks of a River Thames tributary that has been designed by John Pardey Architects to endure flooding. Read more