• Estremoz Marble Book Match
    Estremoz Marble Book Match
  • This week the Olympics were accused of "greenwashing"
    This week on Dezeen, we reported on the sustainable aims of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which were questioned in a peer-reviewed study. Read more
  • Studio Dlux brightens up Rio de Janeiro office for Grupo Editorial Record
    Plywood furniture and vibrant colours feature in the headquarters for one of Brazil's major publishers, which has been overhauled by architecture office Studio Dlux. Read more
  • "Great design isn't enough. We need homes that will get us to net-zero"
    To reduce carbon emissions, architects and designers need to change the way they design homes, writes Geraldine de Boisse, vice president of innovation at renewable-energy supplier Bulb. Read more
  • Therme Art's Venice panel discussion explores how creatives can be environmental a...
    Dezeen promotion: Maja Hoffman, Sissel Tolaas and Joseph Grima were some of the creative minds who gathered in Venice last month to take part in a two-part panel discussion hosted by Therme Art. Read more
  • New This Week: 8 Clever Kitchen Island Ideas (8 photos)
    An island can do a lot for your kitchen. It can provide extra storage, countertop surface and seating. It can be the location of your main sink or cooktop. And it can help direct traffic flow too. To see a small sample of what’s possible, check out these eight island design ideas recently uploaded to...
  • Houzz Call: Share Your Favorite Summer Reading Spot (3 photos)
    Summer can be a great time to catch up on reading. There’s just something about long days and warm weather that beckons one to stretch out and devour some light summer reads or perhaps revisit a classic. Do you have a favorite summer reading spot at home? Please share a photo of your literary hangout...
  • Vieques Outdoor bathroom collection by Patricia Urquiola for Agape
    Dezeen Showroom: Patricia Urquiola has created the Vieques Outdoor bathroom collection for Agape based on her designs for a Caribbean spa resort. Read more
  • ASKA draws on Wes Anderson films for pastel-coloured Cafe Banacado design
    Swedish architecture studio ASKA has created a pale-yellow interior informed by Wes Anderson movies and the aesthetics of Cuba for Stockholm restaurant Cafe Banacado. Read more